Lighting Supply

We offer a vast array of the latest expertly sourced energy saving technologies to suit all types of indoor and outdoor application.

Lighting for every space

Greenlite Group supply a wide range of high-quality commercial lighting technologies, which balance exceptional light quality with maximum energy savings.

Our highly efficient energy-saving lighting products, include LED lamps and fittings, suit every type of indoor and outdoor lighting application. Our LED technology delivers up to 70% energy savings.

The right technology for your job

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to product supply. We listen to your needs and business objectives and recommend a product solution that achieves the right products for you.

Maximum efficiency, maximum efficacy

We constantly review our product offering to ensure that the Greenlite Group solution is the most efficient and reliable on the market.

The benefits of LED lighting

Low energy consumption
Modern, energy-efficient lamps and luminaires use far less energy

Long-lasting lamps
No expense or man-hours wasted on replacing dead lamps

No heat emitted
No need for extra comfort cooling; lamps that don’t heat the room

Good light quality
Comfortable, natural light quality, with good colour rendition

No outages
LED lighting means no dark areas caused by outages; so there's no negative impact on sales

Fast paybacks
Investment in energy saving technologies can yield significant savings and fast paybacks

SAVE up to 70% through modern LED lighting