Emergency Lighting

Greenlite Group provides a wide range of emergency lighting services for commercial property owners to ensure full compliance with the latest legislation is met.

We take care of your emergency lighting

Greenlite Group's dedicated Lighting Maintenance division provides a wide range of emergency lighting services for commercial property owners, retailers and businesses of all sizes.

From our HQ in Lancashire, we ensure you're fully compliant with the latest legislation - leaving you safe in the knowledge you can get on with running your business.

Leave your compliance to us

Greenlite can work with you at every level. We offer a hassle-free turnkey service for the design and installation of complete emergency lighting systems. Plus, we can provide regular maintenance and statutory six month and annual NICEIC-approved testing to ensure efficient operation.

Testing & assessment services

Our comprehensive emergency lighting testing and assessment services include:

  • Full duration battery discharge test
  • Compliance with BS 5266-1
  • Survey to assess adequate coverage
  • Emergency illuminance assessment
  • Client training to carry out monthly functional test

Monthly function tests

We carry out a function test for a short period once a month to check that the luminaire is working. (This will simulate a failure of the normal lighting supply for sufficient time to allow all luminaires to be checked for correct operation).

Luminaire condition checks

We check each luminaire for any obvious signs of damage or deterioration, including the cleanliness and general condition of lenses and diffusers. (This test is usually carried out by you, the customer. However, training is required to ensure that you and your team know how to do the test safely and reliably and how to record results and the action to be taken in the event of a failure).

Discharge duration tests

A discharge duration test will be carried out annually by our engineers for the full rated discharge - this simulates a failure of the normal lighting supply for the full duration of the battery. Plus, of course we carry out a check of the charging arrangements to ensure proper function. (You can also handle this in-house using one of your own competent engineers – but don’t forget: they are required to audit the monthly test results).

We offer a comprehensive testing emergency lighting and assessment service.

Bob Hall

Managing Director - Greenlite Group