Lighting Design

Lighting affects how your customers see you. Our experienced lighting designers will ensure your company, products and services are shown in their best light.

Your business in its best light

Greenlite Group delivers expertly designed internal and external lighting schemes that show your business and products in their best light.

Lighting design really matters

Good lighting offers benefits to every aspect your business. Wellbeing; aesthetics; sales; customer experience; reduced maintenance; and of course, it can save you up to 70% per year on your lighting energy costs. Our lighting services and schemes are designed to deliver on the outcomes that matter.

We're experienced & flexible

Our team of lighting design experts work closely with customers at every stage, offering commercial lighting design services tailored to your needs and budget. Whether a small showroom or a complex, multi-site business, our experienced team of lighting designers will create the right lighting solution for you.

Controlling your lighting

We understand the need for good lighting controls. From simple ‘last man out’ switches, to sophisticated fully-connected ‘intelligent’ controls system we’ll find the right solution for you. A critical part of Building Regulations, we understand the importance of lighting and controls working hand-inhand to achieve maximum efficiency.

Lighting sets the scene

We know that good lighting will positively affect how your customers see you. It will create an inviting showroom. It will generate warm welcoming offices. Lighting sets the scene. Good design makes sure it’s telling the right story about your company.

SAVE up to 70% through clever lighting design