Energy Management

Greenlite Group is on a mission to help customers make step-change reductions to their carbon footprint and take control of energy bills through efficient lighting technology.

Energy efficiency at every stage

At Greenlite Group, we embed energy efficiency into every stage of the lighting process.

Greenlite’s Energy Watch Audit

Our Energy Watch Audit is a four step process to deeply interrogate your energy use and identify viable ways to make savings:

1. Analyse: Our experts look at your site’s energy data and translate it into user-friendly analysis. From this we can identify unusual patterns of energy use, such as high levels outside of business hours.

2. Identify: While the energy data gives us an idea of when energy is being wasted, a site visit gives us an understanding of how and why. We visit site to check your HVAC and lighting equipment, to understand where energy wastage is occurring.

3. Recommend: We propose simple, cost-effective steps to save energy immediately, such as swapping old, inefficient lighting with modern LED technology, or installing user-friendly controls.

4. Monitor: We’re here for the whole journey. We continue to monitor your site’s energy use to identify anomalies and recommend ways to reduce wastage.

The path to energy reduction requires a strategic approach. With Greenlite Group, you're assured that we're there every step of the way to a greener, low carbon future.