Greenlite Group’s ‘Energy Watch’ Audits are helping to cut energy costs at Waterstones branches nationwide. Our reliable electrical and mechanical maintenance services are helping to keep stores comfortable and well-lit, improving customer experience.

Greenlite is keeping the lights on and reducing energy waste at Waterstones, Britain’s biggest bookseller

Greenlite’s Energy Watch Audits are identifying significant savings across stores

The challenge

When Waterstones approached us for advice on how to maintain the efficiency of lighting and HVAC at their 280 stores, we uncovered a brief that called for a holistic approach to lighting and energy management.

For Britain’s biggest bookseller, the quick resolution of lighting and HVAC faults by a reliable, lighting and electrical maintenance partner was a top priority. The company was acutely aware of the need to keep stores well-lit: any failure to replace failed lamps in ‘hard to reach’ areas would ultimately have a negative impact on customer ‘experience’ and sales.

Coupled with this was an energy management challenge. Staff told us that the HVAC / BMS control systems at each store were complicated to operate, which meant that systems were being left on when not required. What’s more, Waterstones’ energy team clearly needed a better picture of their energy use to identify areas of energy waste. For us, the solution to these related challenges had to be a holistic one.

Our solution

The Greenlite Group team started the process by getting a better picture of energy waste, using our ‘Energy Watch Audit’ service. This allowed us to analyse each branch’s energy data and identify unusual patterns of energy use, (for example high levels outside of trading hours). Having highlighted the ‘problem sites’, we visited each to discover why wastage was occurring.

We were able to propose simple, cost-effective steps to reduce energy wastage immediately, such as swapping old, inefficient lighting with modern LED technology.

Our energy team proposed a replacement of the complicated controls with ‘last man out’ switches: this means that the last staff member in the building can simply switch off lighting and heating when they leave. The Greenlite team continues to monitor sites’ energy use to identify anomalies and take steps to rectify them.

We also carry out reactive electrical and mechanical maintenance at 280 stores nationwide, keeping the lights on and ensuring customers have the best possible ‘experience’ of using the stores.

What was the outcome?

  • Reduced energy costs: each store has seen significant energy savings through efficient lighting upgrades and ‘last man out’ switches for lighting and HVAC.
  • Increased sales: well-lit stores direct customer footfall and highlight products and displays to their best advantage.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: replacement of old lighting with modern, long-lasting LEDs (with a lifetime of 50,000 hours) means that lamp replacements are required less often.
  • Uniformly lit, comfortable stores: this ensures a pleasant shopping experience for customers.
  • Increased visibility on energy use: continuous monitoring of sites’ energy use and resolution of anomalies.

We are taking care of 280 Waterstones stores across the UK