06 August 2013

Retail lighting company advises retailers to ask the right questions about LEDs

Greenlite Lighting Solutions, an expert in commercial lighting, recommends that retailers make sure they’re being sold the lighting solutions that are right for them and their merchandise – especially when it comes to LEDs.

The specialist in green lighting suggests that businesses assess the quality of LEDs before purchase and stress-test all parties within the supply chain. This includes asking questions such as:

•    “What is the long-term viability of the solution?” •    “What is the background of the manufacturer?” •    “Does the warranty include only product replacement or a full return-to-site replacement?”

Greenlite also notes that retailers should look for evidence that the solution will reduce energy as well as increase footfall within the shop. As a commercial low-energy lighting specialist, Greenlite prides itself on offering solutions that deliver both good light-quality and high energy-efficiency.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenlite, says: “Many lighting companies – especially LED-only companies – will try and sell the products they have, rather than seek out options best suited to the individual retailer.”

He adds: “It can be better to use an independent lighting supplier that has no bias towards a particular manufacturer or technology.”