04 October 2012

Greenlite make significant infrastructure investment

Greenlite Lighting Solutions Ltd, the UK’s leading low energy lighting maintenance company based at Blackpool in Lancashire, has just announced an investment of over £300,000 in a new fleet of engineer support vehicles and equipment.

Greenlite has purchased 16 new vehicles, all of which will be stocked with a range of low energy lights, fixtures and fittings to enable the company to respond on-site to the majority of lighting maintenance issues. Like most maintenance companies, Greenlite traditionally responded on-site to identify the problem and then would draw stock from a central warehouse to resolve the issue. Often, the client would identify what the problem was prior to the engineer being deployed and the engineer would take the part with them to fix the problem, often this “client diagnosis” was inaccurate resulting in the wrong part arriving on-site and unnecessary time being wasted collecting the correct part. By having the stock on the van in the first place, this will no longer happen reducing the time taken to fix the issue and reducing the costs incurred for all involved.

Greenlite has chosen this time to invest following the company winning a number of major new accounts resulting in the company now maintaining the commercial lighting for over 8,000 retail and business sites across the UK

A Greenlite spokesman said: “this simple change to the way we operate will significantly reduce the average time taken to fix lighting issues on-site and will make our whole operation even more efficient, this in the long term will help us stay incredibly competitive on price as well as speed of response.”